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A Journey of Art and Healing: Unveiling the 'You Matter; The 988 Mural'

The completion of the ‘You Matter; The 988 Mural’ marks the end of a significant journey. It all began in August 2023 when Deena McCullough approached the Boyer family with an idea. Deena, along with Dana Jeweler and the Clinton County NY Coalition to Prevent Suicide, wanted to create a mural through Outside Art: Plattsburgh Public Art Project to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

Flat tire repair in Plattsburgh, NY

Deena McCullough, who lost her son Shawn to suicide in 2005, has been a tireless advocate for suicide prevention for the past 19 years. When Deena and her team asked if the Boyer's Warren Tire Service Center wall could serve as the canvas for this important message, the Boyer family did not hesitate. They felt deeply honored to have the ‘You Matter’ mural on their building.

The Boyer family expressed their gratitude to their incredible staff, the Warren Tire family, who warmly welcomed and supported the entire team as they spent the last two weeks painting.

Boyer posted to social media,"A special shoutout to OUR amazing staff who welcomed and accommodated these women as they spent the last two weeks painting. You ALL are AMAZING and we are so blessed to have such amazing people work for us who we consider family."

The mural will be officially unveiled at this year’s Lake City Arts Fest on Saturday, August 24. Organizers hope this latest mural will spark more education on suicide prevention and help destigmatize mental health issues in the community.

This mural is the 19th created by Outside Art in Downtown Plattsburgh and was designed by the talented local artist and Outside Art member, Giovanina Bucci.

"We hope this mural will be the beginning of more resources becoming available. The goal is to get that information out there for those in need," Boyer said.

In the right corner, closest to Broad Street, the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number "9-8-8" will be prominently displayed as a reminder of the available resources. The mural, which began June 17th, will also feature the semi-colon, a symbol of strength and overcoming adversity. Hidden within the blue mountain-scape are positive messages contributed by multiple artists, families, students, and other community members.

This mural is more than just art; it is a beacon of hope and a call to action. It represents the community's collective commitment to mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Together, we can make a difference.

The community is invited to join the unveiling at the Lake City Arts Fest to celebrate this beautiful new addition and to continue the conversation about mental health and the importance of supporting one another.

Check out more of Outside Art's work on their FaceBook page here.

Visit Clinton County NY Coalition to Prevent Suicide's FaceBook page for more information.

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